Word Impostors

Personal project, under development

Word Impostors is an iPhone game where users attempt to choose the real word in a list of "impostors".

  • Concept design
  • Interaction wireframes
  • Visual design

Word Impostors is a collaboration between myself and developer Michael Fogleman. Michael developed an algorithm for creating very convincing fake words, and we developed the game idea for Word Impostors, a guessing game where people attempt to tell fake words from real ones. The gameplay is simple: a user is dealt a card with a number of words on them, and they must tap the real one in order to score points. Pick too many impostors and the game is over!

I developed a series of wireframes for gameplay covering several different modes of play (single and multiplayer, several game types). I also developed the visual style for Word Impostors, choosing a classical feel for this fun, quick-paced word game.

Word Imostors
The Word Impostors home screen.
Word Impostors
Players try to guess the real word out of a list of impostors.
Word Impostors
An early wireframe illustrates how a user chooses the various modes of play.