Personal project, under development

Stepchart is a site for sharing flowcharts that people click through one choice at a time.

  • Original idea
  • Interaction wireframes
  • Visual design
  • HTML, CSS & javascript

Sue me, I love flowcharts. Recently I've noticed a large number of useful and funny flowcharts floating around the internet, and I found myself wishing there was an easy way to highlight or share particular paths through the flowchart. This led me to develop Stepchart, an as-yet unreleased site that will allow people to share flowcharts as a series of step-by-step questions.

The design for the site is very simple: each flowchart is a single page that presents one question at a time. As you choose answers, the next step is revealed below. You can go up the page to change paths at any time. This design provides an immerive experience to flowcharts and makes it easy to share your results with others. I plan on completing this site later in 2011.

Stepchart presents complex flowcharts as a series of step-by-step questions.
An example stepchart page starts with a single question and lets people choose their own path.
This example shows a completed path through a flowchart.