Macalester College, July 2011

Macademia is a website that visualizes the connections between academic researchers and the topics they study.

  • Visualization design
  • Site design and layout
  • HTML and CSS

I redesigned the Macademia research site to make it more approachable and easier to use. Macademia is a research project that helps academics find possible collaborators. The site allows you to search for topics or people and creates a visualization that shows how other academics connect to the various topics.

I created a new home page for the site to provide a more search-centric approach to the site. I also provided a series of alternative visualizations to consider and improved the legibility of the existing visualizations. I defined a new visual style for the site and gave CSS and markup improvements to the research team to implement.

Macademia Home Page

The Macademia home page invites people to search for people or topics of interest.
This experimental visualization highlights connections between researchers and topics.
This visualization shows the current person or topic in the center, with interests and people as a series of connected hubs.