IBM Lotus Notes Redesign

IBM, 2006

IBM Lotus Notes is a 20-year old mail client. I oversaw a team that worked to modernize its user interface.

  • Product requirements
  • Interaction wireframes
  • Usability testing
  • Design specifications

I led a small team dedicated to radically updating the Lotus Notes e-mail client interface. The Lotus Notes client UI had been largely frozen since the release of Notes 6.5 in 2003, and was very unpopular with its users (to the extent that there was a popular website titled "Lotus Notes Sucks"). I worked to transform the aging client into a streamlined, contemporary mail client. I reduced the overall number of unnecessary features in favor of providing a better user experience. I also introduced a few key new concepts: The "open" button where users can quickly access all their Notes database applications; a vertical reading pane that gives more room to read mail messages; an extensible sidebar that includes chat and social software extensions.

The design updates I oversaw were introduced in 2007 as Lotus Notes version 8.0. The new UI was the primary feature highlighted in this release, and reviewers and users both had overwhelmingly positive reactions.

Lotus Notes
The Lotus Notes 6.5 client was burdened with a complicated, inconsistent UI.
Lotus Notes
Lotus Notes 8.0 featured a cleaner look and had simpler, more consistent UI patterns..