I've been designing user experiences for the last 15 years. I love making simple, useful, and fun things.

I was in a campus computer lab in 1993 when I first discovered the Mosaic internet browser and have been designing for the internet ever since. I hold a bachelors in Graphic Design from North Carolina State University where my thesis project was an exploration of how 'zine culture and DIY press would transform in the digital era. I thought I was being visionary, but it turns out I completely underestimated how dramatically blogging and other social sites would transform the internet.

I spent a semester as a co-op at IBM as an visual designer, and followed that up by taking an internship at IBM UK's Hursley Park. I have since worked for many different divisions at IBM: I was a product designer for Tivoli Systems in Raleigh, then a designer for IBM Data Protection in San Jose, and finally moved to work with IBM's collaboration and social software group in Cambridge in 2002. I have designed desktop clients, web sites, web apps, and mobile apps at IBM. I've published multiple research papers about collaboration software and have filed dozens of patents (and even had a few issued!).

I've worked with every role related to a product's release. I am as comfortable speaking with developers as I am users, designers, project mangers and marketing team members.